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1 Day Trip

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Vicksburg was the culmination of one of the most brilliant military campaigns of the Western theater and of the war. Grant’s successful siege, leading to the city’s surrender by Confederate commander Pemberton, effectively split the Confederacy in two – and also boosted Grant’s profile in Washington. If you have one day for this trip, spend it exploring Vicksburg National Military Park.

Before you go:

How to tour Vicksburg National Military Park:

  • Use the Civil War Trust's free Vicksburg Battle App on your smart phone or iPad.
  • Follow the Self-Guided Driving Tour or the Cell Phone Driving Tour to explore the battlefield.
  • Purchase a touring CD from the bookstore. 
  • Hire a Licensed Battlefield Guide to accompany you.

 Time: 4-6 hours  Sites: 1  Radius: 6 miles

1. Museum and Visitor Center:

  • Find out what Ranger Programs are scheduled for that day.
  • View the film, Here Brothers Fought. 
  • Tour the exhibits.

2. The Battlefield:

  • Make sure to stop at the Stockade Redan, the Shirley House, Vicksburg National Cemetary, the Shirley House, the USS Cairo, the Surrender Site, the Railroad Redoubt, the Texas Memorial, and the Illinois Memorial. 

If you have time: Do the 7 mile battlefield hike.

Vicksburg statue

3 Day Trip 

In three days, you will be able to cover the area very well. You can chose to spend as much or as little time as you like at the various sites, you can also skip or add sites to fit your needs. No matter what, make sure you spend ample time at the Vicksburg Battlefield.

 Time: 3 days  Sites: 10  Radius: 30 miles

Jump to one of our sites:

1.   Vicksburg National Military Park
2.   Old Courthouse
3.   Pemberton's Headquarters
4.   Chickasaw Bayou Battle Marker
5.   Raymond Battlefield
6.   Driving Tour of Historic Raymond
7.   Battle of Champion Hill
8.   Port Gibson Battle
9.   Grand Gulf Military State Park
10. Winsdor Ruins

USS Cairo

1. Vicksburg National Military Park

Family Hike Scenery

Time: 1 day

What to do:

  • See our 1 Day Tour for a guide to touring Vicksburg National Military Park.

Old Courthouse

2. Old Courthouse 

Jefferson Davis launched his political career here, and Ulysses S. Grant conducted a victorious review of his army from this site after Vicksburg’s surrender.

Time: 30 minutes

What to do:

  • View the thousands of Civil War artifacts on display.

Pemberton Headquarters

3. Pemberton's Headquarters

Confederate General John C. Pemberton used this mansion as his headquarters during the Siege of Vicksburg.

Time: 30 minutes

Before you go:

What to do:

  • Tour the house.

Chickasaw Bayou

4. Chickasaw Bayou Battle Marker

The opening engagement of the Vicksburg Campaign in December 1862, this battle was an unsuccessful attempt by Grant and Sherman to take Vicksburg by a direct assault. A lone sign on US Highway 61 Business is the only marker of the battlefield.

Time: 30 minutes

Before you go:

  • Read more about the Vicksburg Campaign through the Civil War Trust’s Vicksburg hub.

What to do:

  • Read the marker and try to envision the battle fought on this spot.

Raymond Battlefield

5. Raymond Battlefield

This May 12, 1863 battle was a pivotal moment in the Vicksburg Campaign, as Grant boldly maneuvered to capture the city of Jackson.

Time: 1 hour

Before you go:

What to do:

  • Walk the battlefield and envision the action that occurred here along Fourteen Mile Creek.


6. Driving Tour of Historic Raymond

The Raymond Driving Tour features three structures that stand as a reminder of the Battle of Raymond, including a courthouse used as a field hospital, the Waverley Mansion used as headquarters by McPherson and Grant, and a Confederate cemetery.

Time: 1 hour

What to do:

  • Take the driving tour.

Champion Hill

7. Battle of Champion Hill

This May 16, 1863 battle was the largest, bloodiest, and most significant action of the Vicksburg Campaign. Union forces ultimately won the field and forced the Confederates to retreat to Vicksburg.

Time: 1 hour

Before you go:

What to do:

  • Read the interpretive signs and walk the battlefield.

Port Gibson

8. Port Gibson Battle

This Union victory on May 1, 1863 cleared the way for an open march on Vicksburg.

Time: 30 minutes

Before you go:

  • Check out the Civil War Trust’s Port Gibson battle page

What to do:

  • Visit the A.K. Shaifer house and the site of the Old Magnolia Church, two significant sites of the battle.

Grand Gulf

9. Grand Gulf Military State Park

Grant attempted an attack on the Confederate batteries at Grand Gulf (south of Vicksburg) in April 1863, but was unable to land infantry at the site.

Time: 1.5 hours

Before you go:

  • Learn more about the Union army’s attempts to conquer the Mississippi River in the quest for Vicksburg.

What to do:

  • Tour the Civil War artifacts at the museum and explore the historic town. Visit the earthworks at Fort Corbun, only a mile west of Grand Gulf.

Windsor Ruins

10. Winsdor Ruins

Supporting columns are all that remains of a mansion that was used as a field hospital for Union troops. Grant’s forces also camped on the plantation’s grounds after crossing the Mississippi to begin the March to Vicksburg.

Time: 30 minutes

What to do:

  • Walk the ruins of the mansion.

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