Sarah Emma Edmonds Pension

Sarah Emma Edmonds received a pension for her duties and injuries during the war.  She is recognized as a woman who dressed as a man to fight in the war.  Her pension record tells the story of her bravery and determination.

Click the links below to see the official documents.

Application for Increase of Pension:


Edmonds Letter Explaining her Injury during the Second Battle of Bull Run


Proof of Origin of Disability


Official Removal of Desertion Charge (H.R. 5334):


Committe on Military Affairs Report on H.R. 5334


Authorization of Pension Payment (H.R. 5335):


Committe on Pensions Report on H.R. 5335:


Letter Appointing Sylvester Larned as Edmonds' Attorney


To view the Sarah Emma Edmonds primary source material in PDF format, click here.


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