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Civil War Treasures »
A collection of Civil War primary source document from the Library of Congress

Civil War Women Archival Collection of Duke University »
A well-organized collection personal letters from women who played important roles during the American Civil War, including Rose O’Neal and Sarah E. Thompson. 

Documents from Everyday Life »
The John A. McAllister Collection of Civil War Era Printed Ephemera, Graphics and Manuscripts

eHistory at Ohio State University »
This site contains numerous primary resources from the Civil War.  Diaries and letters identified to specific individuals are available digitally for use.

Harper’s Weekly »
Excellent collection of political cartoons and other various primary resources.

Letters from an Iowa Soldier during the Civil War »
This is a site that contains transcripts of actual letters from Newton Robert Scott of the 36th Iowa Infantry volunteers. It provides an excellent source of primary documents as well as a great first hand account of the war itself.

Maine State Archives Civil War Page »
A website filled with first hand accounts and photos of men and women from the state of Maine, and their accomplishments during the Civil War.

Making of America »
Making of America (MoA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.  It contains thousands of resources from the time period that are digitally accessible.

The African American Civil War Memorial Museum »
This site offers some invaluable primary resources that showcase some of the numerous contribution made to the Northern war effort by African American soldiers.

The Papers of Jefferson Davis »
A collection of papers related to Jefferson Davis created through a documentary editing project based at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Union Recruitment Posters from the McAllister Collection »
The McAllister collection offers a clear view of some of the recruiting posters used in Pennsylvania during the war.

Valley of the Shadows »
An excellent source of primary documents that provide numerous records from Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania that span from before until well after the Civil War. This website allows the viewer to see how the people were affected in both the North and the South by the Civil War.

Civil War Collections at Michigan State University »
This site features a multitude of digitized collections, which include letters, diaries, family papers, photographs, regimental records, and other Civil War-era documents.

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