Quiz Scoring

Or, "How Do I Get To Become a Quiz General?"

So you just took one of our Civil War Trust quizzes and you managed to get ranked as a Quiz Corporal. How did that happen? How do you score these infernal quizzes?

Well, here's an inside look at the math behind our scoring process:

Each quiz question is initially worth 100 points.

  • You get 10 seconds to answer the question. If you get it right in ten seconds or less you get 100 points for that question.  The timed portion of the quiz does not apply to the answer pages.
  • After 10 seconds have elapsed, you begin to lose 2 points per each second. Uh-oh!
  • After 40 seconds have elapsed, the quiz stops deducting points for time. The maximum score that you can get for a right answer is then 30 points.
  • The quiz ignores fractional seconds.  Don't worry -- this is not a 100m Olympic sprint.
  • You get 0 points for each incorrect answer. Sorry, no partial credit.

After you have answered all the questions the scores from each question are added together to produce a total score.  We then compare that score against the maximum total score to produce a range of quiz grades.

Those grades are:

  • 85% or better = Quiz General  (time to start bragging)
  • 75% or better = Quiz Colonel  (pretty darn good if you ask us)
  • 50% or better = Quiz Captain  (still an officer)
  • 49% or lower = Quiz Corporal  (I hope you don't mind sleeping on the ground?)

At the end of each timed quiz, you should be able to see your score and the quiz grade. From that page, you can let all your Facebook fans know how you did on the quiz.

Any questions or suggestions regarding our quizzes?  Write to us at web@civilwar.org.

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