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Thank you for taking our Facebook 100,000 Fan Quiz. We are honored to have you as a supporter of the Civil War Trust and look forward to working with you to save our American Civil War battlefields.

We will be scoring all of the submitted quizzes and choosing a winner shortly.

Answers to the Quiz:

1. The primary mission of the Civil War Trust is:

  1. Support Civil War museums and historic sites
  2. To save and preserve Civil War battlefields
  3. To create Civil War historical materials
  4. To fund and promote historical reenactments

Answer: B. The Civil War Trust has saved more than 32,000 acres in 20 different states.

2. Which of the following is NOT a battlefield where the Civil War Trust has saved land in the past 12 months?

  1. Shiloh
  2. Cedar Creek
  3. Chancellorsville
  4. Chickamauga

Answer: D. Despite being the second largest battle of the American Civil War, the Civil War Trust has not yet had the opportunity to save battlefield land at Chickamauga. At Shiloh, Cedar Creek, and Chancellorsville we have saved hundreds of acres of threatened land.

3. The Civil War Trust's iPhone and Android battlefield touring products are called...

  1. Civil War Tour Plus
  2. TourPoint
  3. Battle Apps
  4. Neverlost

Answer: C. To date the Civil War Trust has launched six different Civil War Battle Apps. You can always find our full lineup at www.civilwar.org/battleapps.

4. The Civil War Trust's Name that Battlefield contest on Facebook often uses this refrain/hint in its opening display:

  1. "This is not Gettysburg"
  2. "This is a western theater battle"
  3. "This is battle that starts with the letter C"
  4. "This is not Shiloh"

Answer: A. "This is not Gettysburg" is not meant to be a slight, but rather an indicator that we would like to see more Civil War fans expand their knowledge of battlefields ranging from New Mexico to Florida.

5. The Civil War Trust member magazine is called:

  1. "Remembrances"
  2. "Hallowed Ground"
  3. "The Civil War Trust Chronicle"
  4. "Battleground"

Answer: B. Hallowed Ground is our award winning magazine. Become a member of the Trust and you'll receive this fantastic magazine.

6. The Civil War Trust recently stopped a casino from being placed next to this Civil War battlefield:

  1. Fort Sumter
  2. Franklin
  3. Gettysburg
  4. Antietam

Answer: C. The Civil War Trust has not once, but twice, thwarted the placement of a gambling casino next to the Gettysburg Battlefield.

7. The 2012 Civil War Trust Annual Conference will be based in what city?

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Nashville, TN
  3. Richmond, VA
  4. Charleston, SC

Answer: C. Our 2012 Annual Conference will be held in Richmond, Virginia. During the conference, we will be focusing on the 150th anniversary of the Seven Days Campaign and our many preservation successes in this region. Learn more: www.civilwar.org/annualconference

8. In early 2011, the Civil War Trust changed its name from this immediately previous title...

  1. Civil War Battlefield Preservation Association
  2. Civil War Preservation Trust
  3. Civil War Battlefields Organization
  4. American Battlefield Preservation Organization

Answer: B. In January 2011, we shortened our name to the Civil War Trust.

9. With 100,000 Facebook fans, which Civil War army would outnumber us?

  1. Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg
  2. Army of Mississippi at Shiloh
  3. Army of the Tennessee at Vicksburg
  4. Army of the Potomac at Fredericksburg

Answer: D. The Union Army of the Potomac at Fredericksburg numbered roughly 114,000 effectives.

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