Second Place, Junior Essay Contest 2010

Elizabeth Eubanks, 5th Grade

Teacher:  Lori Roberts  
School:  Springville Elementary School: Springville, IN

"Take Action: Save Civil War Battlefields"

Our battlefields seem like just a piece of land to some, with no significance whatsoever.  To others it is very dear to their hearts.  It is something they would fight to preserve.

Men had to not only risk their lives but many had to leave behind their wives and children.  Some of these men had to leave their pregnant wives not knowing if they would live to see their unborn baby.

The Civil War had approximately 608,000 deaths.  These men died while trying to unite our country. Where is the respect for these people?  How are we to honor them if we destroy the very ground where they fought, bled, suffered and died.  These men left their families not knowing if they would ever see them again.  From this war came many widows, fatherless children and parents who mourned the deaths of their beloved children and husbands.

If we preserve our battlefields, think of everyone who would love to come and take a trip back in history.  It would be a wonderful place for school fieldtrips.  It would also be a way of remembering what our ancestors did for us.

I hope this has changed your minds about taking this precious piece of land and destroying the historical value of it.  No fast food restaurant, shopping mall or housing additions would have any more value than these unpreserved battlefields.

Maybe the respect of the Civil War battlefields has been lost by some but I know there are many like me who want to preserve these areas.  With your help, and the many others who agree with me, we could preserve this ground and give honor to those who so bravely gave their lives.  Now is time to do something!  Let's not just sit around waiting for someone else to step up.  Let's take action together!    

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