Western Theater Crossword Puzzle

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1 - US Gen. Canby's huge group of 16,000 men - vs. CS Gen. Liddell's 4,000 men - breached the earthworks at this Alabama fort hours after Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia.

3 - In a needless Georgia battle, CS forces, mostly old men & young boys, faced Sherman's veterans, some armed with Spencer repeating rifles. The November 1864 battle did not stop Sherman's March to the Sea.

6 - CS Cols. James McIntosh & Douglas Cooper attacked Chief Opothleyahola's pro-US Creeks & Seminoles during this December 1861 battle.  Many survivors fled to Kansas.

7 - September 1863 battle said to be the most significant US defeat in the Western Theater. Rosecrans & Thomas had faced off versus Bragg & Longstreet.  Despite the US loss, Thomas now known as a "Rock".

8 - This April 1864 battle was part of the Red River Campaign; the US was trying to capture Shreveport, LA - however, US Gen. Banks was defeated by CS Gen. Taylor.

13 - Near Brownsville TX, this May 1865 engagement is said to be the last land engagement of the war.  The CS had been losing until the PM arrival of troops under Col. John "Rip" Ford & Col. Santos Benavides.

15 - Gen. Thomas Hindman (CS) hoped to stop Gens. James Blunt & Francis Herron before they could join here in Arkansas, Dec. 1862.  Hindman retreated, but locals endured US raids & CS bushwhackers afterward.

16 - John Hunt Morgan rode into Indiana in July 1863, despite orders to stay in KY.  400 home guards from IN & OH were captured near this Indiana town.

20 - This MO battle was the 2nd major battle of the war, and the 1st major battle west of the Mississippi.  US Gen. Lyon became the first US general killed in combat.  The confederates gained southwestern Missouri.

21 - The US victory at this strategic NM pass was the turning point of the war in New Mexico Territory.   Two famous locations are Johnson's and Kozlowski's Ranches.

22 - CS Gen. Hood retreated to Tupelo & resigned his command after losing this December 1864 battle.   A decisive action was at Shy's Hill, named after Col. WM Shy of the  20th Tennessee.

23 - After making a demonstration against this DC area fort in July 1864, Jubal Early told his men, "We didn't take Washington, but we scared Abe Lincoln like Hell."

24 - After this grisly November 1864 battle, six Confederate generals were killed or mortally wounded here in Tennessee.

25 - Westernmost fight was at this peak, southwest of Phoenix, in April 1862.  Part of the TX Mounted Riflemen (CS) ambushed a patrol of the 1st CA Vol. Cavalry (US).

26 - CS Gen. Hood missed a chance to defeat the Union army in this Tennessee battle, a prelude to the bloody battle of Franklin.

27 - Col. William B. Hazen's soldiers were proud of their fight at "Hell's Half Acre" on this TN battlefield (December 31, 1862).  In 1863 they placed a monument there - oldest intact Civil War monument in America.



1 - US Gen. Grant became unknown as "Unconditional Surrender" Grant after the fall of this fort's 12,000 man garrison.

2 - On July 4, 1863, this city on the Mississippi surrendered after a prolonged siege, cutting the CS in half.  Many people believe this - not Gettysburg - was the turning point of the war.

4 - Also "Elkhorn Tavern".  In this 1862 battle in AR, Earl Van Dorn handled the Army of the West poorly; Gens. McCulloch & McIntosh were both killed; US Gen. Sturgis slipped away.  MO remained in the US.

5 - Pemberton disobeyed an order from Joseph E. Johnston - hoped to attack US supply trains en route to Raymond, MS.  He eventually countermarched, but  his wagon trains became advance of his line at this battle. Lloyd Tilghman was killed, &  CS retreated towards Vicksburg.

8 - Nearsighted CS Gen. Felix Zollicoffer was killed at this Kentucky battle.

9 - Also Tishomingo Creek (MS). Forrest & his men defeated US Gen. Sturgis's larger column in this June 1864 battle.  The battle boosted Forrest's reputation as an excellent mounted infantry leader.

10 - Lincoln said that taking this TN city was as important as taking Richmond because of its importance as a railroad center.

11 - Most of the men of the 42nd Massachusetts were killed or captured because of this January 1st 1863 battle.  But, even after the TX port returned to CS hands, its usefulness was limited by the US blockade.

12 - Albert S. Johnston mortally wounded at this April 1862 battle. Both Grant & Nathan Bedford Forrest demonstrated military prowess. Important landmarks are Shiloh Church, Water Oaks Pond, Peach Orchard, & Hornets' Nest.

14 - Many dead from this 1863 battle may still lie along the banks of Elk Creek, in OK.  Here, CS Native Americans faced US Native American & African-American troops.  The 1st Kansas USCT earned the highest praise.

17 - Unable to defend this MO town, the Confederates evacuated to Island No. 10 in April 1862.  When Island No. 10 surrendered, the Mississippi was open to Fort Pillow, TN.

18 - Famous August 1864 naval battle in which US Adm. David Farragut made his most famous order:  "Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!"

19 - This battle helped keep KY in US hands for the rest of the war.  Also the last major invasion of CS forces in KY.  A major feature is the Oct. 8, 1862 struggle for control of Doctor's Creek.









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