Third Winchester Crossword Puzzle

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2 - These battles are minor fights which sometimes happen by chance.  There were several __________ in the 1862 Valley Campaign.

4 - The Shenandoah was known as the _________ of the Confederacy because its fertile farmlands produced a great amount of food.

6 - The Shenandoah Valley ended at H______________, a town that sat where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers joined.  John Brown is famous for his role in this town.

7 - Grant's headquarters was at ____________ near Petersburg.

9 - This word means "consequences" - "the ____________ (or consequences) of defeat"

10 - This is the practice of spying or using spies.  The Union created __________ networks in the Valley.

11 - Sherman's men captured this city on September 2, 1864.

14 - This means "to withdraw from (or leave) a nation".  Some people wanted to allow the South to do this in order to end the war.

16 - To defeat an army "____ _______" means to defeat it piece by piece.  Sheridan hoped to defeat Early's troops "___ _______".

17 - Grant put this general in charge of the Union Sixth and Nineteenth Corps, plus two cavalry divisions.

18 - Fort Collier and _____ _____ is the fourth phase of Third Winchester.

19 - The Valley was a region of ____________, meaning it was a region for which the armies struggled and fought.

20 - This colonel's division crossed Red Bud Run and flanked Gordon's division.

23 - A drunken man in Gen. Birge's brigade ordered this type of charge.

24 - Grant's Army of the Potomac was in a stalemate with the Army of Northern Virginia around this Southern city.

26 - This general marched his troops northward into Maryland and Pennsylvania and even burned Chambersburg, PA.

29 - This Union general replaced Franz Sigel and was responsible for destroying the Virginia Military Institute, mills, barns, public buildings and food and supplies in the Valley.

30 - There was hand-to-hand combat between Birge's men and the 31st Georgia in the ______ _______.

34 - Battle which occurred October 19, 1864.

36 - These people were Union supporters living in Confederate territory.

39 - A pacifist religious group in the Valley; was also present at Antietam in 1862: D______.

43 - _________ Canyon is the first phase of Third Winchester.

44 - After the hand-to-hand combat with the 31st Georgia, the Federals were pushed back to the ________ ________.

45 - Another name for the Battle of Third Winchester

46 - This word means "completely wiped out, completely killed, or completely destroyed".  Early felt that only his enemy's incompetence saved him from this.

47 - In 1863, the Valley was a ______________ ground (or a place to assemble troops and supplies)  for Lee's Gettysburg Campaign.

48 - A pacifist religious group in the Valley; very prominent in Philadelphia:  Q______.

49 - The 1862 Valley Campaign kept Union soldiers busy who might otherwise have been used to help this General attack Richmond, VA.



1 - Third Winchester was fought on __________ 19, 1864.

3 - "Troops maneuvered outside the battlefield to achieve success in a large geographic area."  The Valley had this type of importance for the Confederate Army.

5 - This is the act of gathering information about enemy territory ... Sherman performed ___________ missions before battle.

6 - ________ Farm and Red Bud Run is the third phase of Third Winchester.

8 - These are "military movements"; they "distressed the Union army".

12 - The Shenandoah Valley stretched from L____________ to the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.

13 - ____________ ___________ and Red Bud Run is the second phase of Third Winchester.

15 - Battle which occurred September 21, 1864.

16 - This word means "extremely angered".  Gen. Emory was _____________, or extremely angered, in the canyon.

21 - This general ordered slow moving wagon trains AND men to go through the Canyon at the same time.

22 - Gen. Grimes and Gen. _________ organized a last stand at Mt. Hebron Cemetery.

25 - Something that is _____________ is marked by discussion, dispute, arguments and opposition - like Lee's decision to send troops to the Valley instead of against Sherman in Georgia..

27 - This man shouted "Charge them, boys! Charge them!" then was killed instantly by a shell.

28 - This word means "go around".  Gen. Emory told his men to __________ the wagons in the canyon.

31 - This word means "made useless or destroyed" - the Confederate threat in the Valley needed to be _________.

32 - This woman sent an important message to the Union through Tom Laws, a local freedman.

33 - This is a fancy word for "using".  Confederate troops could be sent directly into positions threatening Washington by ___________ the Valley.

35 - This man's Republican government was threatened by the Democrats in 1864.

37 - Sheridan was planning to attack the Confederates at this town instead of Winchester

38 - Thomas _____________ Jackson led the 1862 Valley Campaign.

40 - This general's charge was called "the turning point of the conflict".

41 - Custer's men joined this - another word for a jumbled, confused (sometimes hand-to-hand) struggle.

42 - The Nineteenth Corps suffered __________ percent casualties, most of whom fell on the Middle Field.




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