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3 - Wealthy citizens of Washington, D.C. traveled to this battlefield at Bull Run to picnic and watch what was supposed to be a Union victory. It ended in a _____________ retreat.

4 - In 1861, there were nearly four ___________ slaves in the United States, with the vast majority being in the South; only a few thousand were living in the North

5 - After Ulysses S. Grant's 1862 victory at Fort Henry, the ____________ leader asked him for terms to which Grant replied, "No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted," earning him the nickname of "Unconditional Surrender Grant"

10 - Capital of the Confederacy.

11 - After __________ Carolina's secession, Confederate forces demanded the surrender of a Union Army garrison in Charleston Harbor, which the Union refused. Confederate forces opened fire on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, marking the beginning of the Civil War.

12 - Shiloh is Hebrew for "place of _______"

13 - The Confederate victory at __________ was aided by the inaction of Union General McClellan after his troops discovered Robert E. Lee's battle plans. McClellan decided to wait instead of acting immediately, giving Confederate troops ample time to revise their plans

14 - Clara Barton was known as the "_________ of the Battlefield." For years, Barton traveled to many battlefields, helping hundreds of wounded soldiers. She went on to help establish the American Red Cross

16 - Union General William Tecumseh Sherman had three _______ shot from under him during the Battle of Shiloh

17 - Of her work on the battlefield, Clara Barton said, "What could I do but go with them [Civil War soldiers], or work for them and my country? The patriot __________ of my father was warm in my veins"

18 - The First Battle of Bull Run, the Civil War's first major land battle, took place in this Southern state

19 - The Battle of Shiloh was fought in this Southern state and resulted in 24,000 casualties



1 - On one occasion, a ___________ went through Clara Barton's sleeve, killing the soldier she was helping

2 - President Lincoln ordered a ______________ of Southern ports in 1861

6 - President Lincoln issued the ______________ Proclamation after the Battle of Antietam, freeing all slaves in rebellious states

7 - In 1859, Robert E. Lee was sent to stop abolitionist John Brown, who tried to start an uprising of Virginia slaves, near Harpers __________. This was considered a precursor to the Civil War

8 - Robert E. Lee, who was originally against the __________ of states, was offered a command in the Union Army. Lee reluctantly declined, deciding to lead the troops of his native state, Virginia, instead

9 - Future __________ Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes was wounded during the Battle of Antietam

13 - Addressing Congress, Lincoln said "Then, and thereby, the assailants of the Government, began the conflict of ________." He was referring to Confederate forces firing on Fort Sumter in 1861

15 - For decades, the North and South had been at odds concerning states' rights and slavery. After President Lincoln's election, this number of states seceded from the Union. The Civil War began soon after







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