"Railroads of the Confederacy" Crossword Puzzle

Railroads of the Confederacy 925 Image


2 - Major southern rail center in Georgia

3 - Most important southern rail center; in Virginia

5 - Because this type of communication wasn't always available, crews didn't know about broken rails, collapsed bridges and other hazards.

6 - When this general abandoned Jackson, MS, the Union gained 90 locomotives and hundreds of railroad cars.

8 - This word means "not regular" or "not frequent".

10 - Major southern rail center in Tennessee.








1 - This word means "to fall apart"; the railroads began to __________ soon after the war started.

2 - Confederate manufacturing  focused on making equipment and _________ for the military, not on railroad maintenance.

4 - Southern trains used this for fuel.

7 - Rails that were pulled up, heated, and wrapped around tree trunks were called Sherman's ___________.

8 - This word means "damaged or destroyed on purpose".

9 - The Union _______ of ports stopped the South from importing iron from England.

10 - Many people felt that the main function of the railroads was to get this item to the ports.

11 - Many people in the south lived a(n) ________ lifestyle, which refers to farm (not city) living.

12 - Southern railroads lacked a standard ___________, so tracks were anywhere from 4 to 6 feet wide.




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