John Brown Student Crossword

John Brown Student Crossword


4 - John Brown's trial was held in this Virginia town.  The town is now part of the state of West Virginia.

7 - Harpers Ferry is located in the _________________ Mountain range.

8 - An abolitionist is someone who is against _____________.

10 - Brown was charged with ________ against the state of Virginia.

12 - Brown sent several men to capture Col. Lewis ________, great grandnephew of our first president.

14 - This man was president during Brown's Raid.

15 - John Brown's raid was held in this month, 1859.

17 - This famous African American leader met with Brown, but felt that the raid would fail.

18 - This future assassin witnessed Brown's execution.

20 - John Brown's Raid was in this month, 1859.

22 - Harpers Ferry is located where two rivers join: the Potomac River and the ______ River.

23 - John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry is considered by many historians to be a _______ event of the Civil War.  (For example, when you pull a weapon's ______ it fires.)


1 - Brown hoped to arm slaves with weapons taken from the arsenal - as well as this spear-like weapon.

2 - Lee's men used a(n) ________ to break down the door at "John Brown's Fort".

3 - This future Confederate cavalry general was a lieutenant under Robert E. Lee at Harpers Ferry.

5 - Brown refused to allow _________ to be used as a defense in his trial.

6 - John Brown used this military rank.

9 - "John Brown's Fort" was actually the ____ house.  The engine was stored here.

11 - Brown hoped that this group of people would join him at Harpers Ferry - but they didn't.

13 - An arsenal is where weapons are _______.

15 - John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry took place in this month during 1859.

16 - Robert E. Lee led a group of U.S. ________, who ended the raid in about three minutes.

18 - Before his died, Brown said:  "I John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land: will never be purged away, but with _________."

19 - Brown was executed in this month, 1859

21 - Because Brown gave his life for the cause of abolition,some people called him a(n) ________.  Others disagreed strongly.



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