John Brown Buff's Crossword

John Brown Buff's Crossword

2 - Fontaine Beckham held this elected position in the town of Harpers Ferry.  He killed during the raid.

3 - Brown was charged with ________ against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

6 - Julia Ward Howe penned "Battle Hymn of the ______" after hearing men sing "John Brown's Body".

8 - Brown's violent actions in Kansas were inspired, partly, by events at this Free-Soil town, "sacked" by pro-slavery forces.

9 - These local military forces captured the bridge over the Potomac River.  Brown's only escape was cut off.

12 - This man was president during John Brown's Raid.

14 - Brown was also charged with attempting to incite a slave ________.

17 - As a raider, John Brown was known by this military rank.

18 - Brown was executed in this month, 1859

20 - This future assassin witnessed Brown's execution.

21 - Before his execution, John Brown wrote the following statement:  "I John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land: will never be purged away, but with _________."

23 - This future flamboyant Confederate general was a lieutenant serving under Robert E. Lee at Harpers Ferry.

24 - Brown and the raiders took these people to the "fort" in an attempt to ensure the raiders' safety.

25 - Brown gained this nickname, based on his "activities" in Kansas. the word combines the  names of two Native American tribes.

28 - Brown sent a detachment to capture Col. Lewis ________, great grandnephew of this early president with the same last name.

30 - Brown had hoped that these people would join him at Harpers Ferry - but they did not.

31 - Brown received 200 .59 Sharps carbines - which were nicknamed "______ Bibles".

32 - This African American leader met with John Brown, but felt that Brown's raid would be suicidal.

33 - The group of Northerners who financially supported Brown is known as the __________  _____.


1 - Harpers Ferry is located at the confluence of the Potomac and _______________ Rivers.

2 - Robert E. Lee led a group of U.S. ________, who effectively ended the raid within about three

4 - Brown led the _______________ Massacre, in Kansas, in 1856.  Five pro-slavery settlers were brutally killed.

5 - John Brown's raiders seized the Federal ________ at Harpers Ferry.

7 - Brown refused to allow _________ to be used as a defense in his trial, despite supposed "tendencies" in his mother's side of the family.  His attorney attempted it anyway.

10 - Lee's men used a(n) ________ to break down the middle door at "John Brown's Fort".

11 - Brown hoped to arm slaves with weapons taken from the arsenal - as well as this type of weapon.

13 - John Brown's "trial" was held in this town.

15 - John Brown's grave - as well as his last homestead - are located in this state.

16 - This famous orator, who preceded Lincoln at the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, publicly ridiculed John Brown - and his opinion on racial equality.

19 - Because Brown gave his life for the cause of abolition, many Northerners called him a(n) ________.  Just as many people considered him to be quite the opposite.

20 - The first man killed by John Brown's men, Hayward Shepherd, was an African American baggage handler who worked with the __________________ and Ohio Railroad.

22 - "John Brown's Fort" was actually the fire ________ house.

26 - John Brown's raid was held in this month, 1859.

27 - The only terms Robert E. Lee would accept from John Brown and his men.

29 - Robert E. Lee closed these buildings in an attempt to curb some ugly violence on the part of the townspeople.



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