Davis Inaugural Address Crossword Puzzle

Davis Inaugural 925 Image


2 - President Davis calls the Confederates "An agricultural people, whose chief interest is the export of a _________ required in every manufacturing country." That item is cotton.

3 - He says that if "the integrity of our territory and jurisdiction be assailed" they will "appeal to arms and invoke the blessings of _________ on a just cause."

9 - Davis asserts that "government rests upon the consent of the ____________".

10 - He says that the Confederates "have vainly endeavored [tried] to secure tranquillity, and to obtain _____  for the rights to which we were entitled."

11 - Davis says that if the Union would attempt to disrupt the export of Southern goods to the rest of the world, out of spite, the "________ of millions will bear testimony to the folly and  wickedness of our aggressors."

13 - Like the "Founding Fathers", Davis also asserts that "it is the right of the  people to alter or ________ governments" when they no longer do what they were created to do.

14 - For ordinary defense, they could rely on a _____; but with current circumstances he is recommending a "well-instructed and disciplined army".

18 - Even though the agent through which they communicate with other nations has changed, their ________ relations are not interrupted.

19 - He says that in case of war, there will be no "________  in the production of the staples which have constituted our exports".   _________ means "decrease".

20 - This word means "righteousness" or "correctness".  "The impartial and enlightened verdict of mankind  will vindicate the _________ of our conduct..."

21 - This Inaugural Address was given in __________, Alabama.

22 - Davis believes that ____________ [or future generations] will find them blameless - the future will decide that they haven't engaged in war needlessly.

23 - Davis says that their separation from the Union was "marked by no aggression upon others and followed by no domestic ____ .  A "domestic ______" is a violent internal disruption.


1 - In his address, he asks God to guide them as they try to continue the principles which the Founding Fathers "were able to _______ , establish and transmit to their posterity."  In this sense, ____ means "deliver".

4 - He says that "it is by abuse of language that [the Confederate states'] act has been denominated [or named] a ________."

5 - Davis claims that "passion or the lust of ______" is "cloud[ing] the judgment or inflam[ing] the ambition of those [New England] States."  This word means "power" or "control".

6 - Davis warns his countrymen that while they will see many errors to forgive, they will not see a lack of _____ or fidelity [faithfulness] to their cause.

7 - Davis had been chosen to be the President of the ________ (or temporary) government.

8 - To survive, "the _________  of every portion [must] be the aim of the whole".  If not, bad feelings between the segments will be created.

12 - He believes that the __________ of the Confederacy is the same as that of the Founding Fathers, as they would have explained it.

15 - President Davis explains that all public offices are "_______ held for the people".  The presidency is a duty held for the benefit of the people.

16 - They will use the "final ________ of the sword" to "maintain the position which we have assumed among the nations of the earth".  In other words, they'll fight and the sword will declare who's right.

17 - He says that a "peaceful appeal to the _____ - ___  declared that so far as they were concerned, the government created by that compact should cease to exist." The compact is the Constitution.









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