Civil War in 1863 Crossword Puzzle

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2 - In August this guerilla led between 300 and 400 partisans in a vicious attack on Lawrence, KS.  Supposedly, this massacre was in retaliation for a Union raid at Osceola, MO.


3 - One day before the charge of the 54th Massachusetts, men of the 1st Kansas Colored Troops fought here, in Indian Territory.  US Maj. Gen. James Blunt's forces were comprised of whites, African Americans and Native Americans. Due to a large number of problems, the Union won the battle against CS Gen. Cooper and controlled Indian Territory north of the Arkansas River


5 - "Stonewall" Jackson was mortally wounded as a result of this battle.


7 - On October 28, Union troops opened the "________ ________" -- a short supply route from Bridgeport, AL to Chattanooga, TN.


10 - This battle, in June 1863, was actually part of the Gettysburg campaign.  It was also the largest cavalry battle of the war. CWPT has helped save this battlefield.


12 - A __________ was passed in March, making all men between 20 and 45 subject to being called for military service.


14 - On June 30, J.E.B. Stuart was nearly captured at this small Pennsylvania village.  His cavalry had been riding north to get around the Union army.


16 - In July, John Hunt Morgan led a raid into Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. They crossed into Ohio and were attacked near this island.  During the night, he and 400 of his men narrowly escaped being trapped.


18 - The "Gallant" ______, a 24-year-old horse artilleryman, was mortally wounded at Kelly's Ford, VA.


19 - This state was admitted to the Union on June 20th.


24 - In October 1863, Gen. George Thomas replaced Gen. _________ as commander of the Army of the Cumberland.


25 - A Confederate privateer named The ______________ was destroyed near Savannah by the monitor USS Montauk.  She was originally a passenger steamer from New York before being seized and converted to the CSS Nashville.  Later, as a privateer, she ran the Union blockade at NC.


27 - In July this Union general led an attack against the Sioux at Big Mound, ND.  The Santee had joined forces with the Teton and led an uprising in the Minnesota River Valley.


28 - Name of dog on the 11th Pennsylvania Monument at Oak Hill, Gettysburg.  She had been discovered on July 5th, guarding the body of a fallen friend.


1 - In May, Jubal Early,  John Sedgwick and John Gibbon fought at this unfortunate city which witnessed terrible fighting in December 1862.  This time the Confederates were outnumbered and forced to move.


4 - This Union General commanded the garrison at Winchester until forced out by CS Lt. Gen. Richard Ewell's men in June.


6 - On November 24th, Gen. Hooker's men stormed this stronghold near Chattanooga, TN.


8 - The 54th Massachusetts made its world famous charge against this battery at Morris Island (SC) on July 18, 1863.


9 - When Gen. George Thomas's men held their ground at ________ ________ against repeated assaults, he was given a new nickname:  "Rock of Chickamauga".


11 - This general deeply resented that Gen. Meade ordered Gen. Winfield Hancock (commander of the 2nd Corps) to take command of the field at Gettysburg.


13 - This Texas harbor city fell to the Confederates in January 1863.


15 - Despite Lincoln's January 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, some Union Generals, such as Benjamin Butler, had already declared slaves to be __________ of war, not to be returned to their "masters".


16 - A massacre at ______ ________ (or Boa Ogoi), Idaho, led to the deaths of most of a Shoshone camp's 300 warriors, plus a number of women, children and elderly men.  A number of women and children were also captured.  The US was retaliating against Shoshoni raids led by Chief Bear Hunter.


17 - Riots broke out in this city to protest the fact that the wealthy could pay a fee to avoid military service.


20 - The Peace Light Memorial was officially unveiled at the 75th anniversary of the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg.  Who pushed the button to ignite the Eternal Flame?


21 - In this May 27 battle, African American soldiers proved their bravery by advancing over open ground despite deadly artillery fire.  When US Gen. Nathaniel Banks's frontal assaults failed, a 48 day siege ensued.  The garrison surrendered on June 9.


22 - This general was forced to surrender Vicksburg -- and about 30,000 men -- after a six-week siege led by US Gen. Grant.


23 - Gen. James Longstreet laid siege to this stronghold in November and December, 1863.


26 - Who was the featured speaker at the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, November 1863?  (It was not Lincoln.)



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