Bailey's Dam Crossword Puzzle

Bailey's Dam 925 Image


2 - Name of the oldest vessel in the fleet; "thousands of beating hearts looked on", anxious to see if the vessel would safely go over the rocks.

6 - Lt. Col. Bailey was promoted to this type of general.

7 - Lt. Col. Bailey, who held this position in the Nineteenth Corps, had been a lumberjack in Wisconsin.

8 - Former loggers from this state helped build the northern dam.

9 - The name of the monitor which went over the falls, successfully, despite receiving a small hole

11 - If the Red River Campaign had been successful, the Union would have attempted to invade this state.


 1 - This word means a small group of navy ships.

 2 - The Red River campaign was part of an effort to control this state.

 3 - This is the name of the Union Admiral in the campaign.

 4 - Snipers under this Confederate general hassled the Union forces.

 5 - The vessels saved by Bailey had a value of two ______  dollars.

 6 - This general coordinated with the Union admiral.

 10 - This word means to destroy a vessel by cutting a hole in it and  sinking it; so the enemy can't use the vessel.

 12 - The Union boats needed this many feet of water to float.



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