April During the Civil War Crossword Puzzle

April During the Civil War 925 Image


2 - Lincoln's body was taken to this Illinois town.

3 - Soldiers from what state were attacked by civilians in Baltimore?

6 - The Confederate capital of Richmond, and _______________, were both occupied in early April, 1865.

7 - Which happened first:  Five Forks or the Richmond Bread Riot?

10 - Picacho Peak occurred in which present-day state?

11 - The battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill happened in this state.

12 - What is another word for "conscription"?

14 - The Union captured the Petersburg lines at the ________________.

16 - The fall of which Georgia fort was called a "turning point in military history" because rifled cannons were shown to be deadly against masonry (brick) walls?

17 - Confederate general who started a famous raid in mid April.

18 - The Thirteenth Amendment said that _________ or Involuntary Servitude would be ended.

20 - Which vessel sank in 1865, killing between 1200 and 1700 Union soldiers?

22 - Jefferson Davis asked southern farmers to grow foods instead of tobacco and this product.

23 - Lincoln visited which famous Confederate city in 1865?

25 - This 1864 act caused "In God We Trust" to be printed on a 2-cent coin.

27 - Which famous locomotive was captured in April 1862? The ____________.

28 - This battle was called "the death knell of the Confederacy".

29 - This was the number of Lee's final order to his soldiers.


1 - Gen. Lee told Gen. George Pickett to "Hold [this place] at all hazards".

3 - When the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, the first shot was probably fired from this island.

4 - Where the Army of the Potomac (under Joe Hooker) set up camp in late April.  The battle was the next day.

5 - Who wrote "The Passing of the Armies"?

8 - Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to William T. Sherman near _________ Station, NC

9 - Which state voted against secession by a vote of 53 to 13?

13 - Albert Sidney Johnston was mortally wounded at this battle.

15 - Union colonel who started a famous raid in mid April.

16 - The battle of Shiloh is also known as ____________ Landing.  (It is spelled without an "h" at the end.)

19 - This man was on the Keokuk when it was hit over 90 times.

21 - The Confederate Congress ordered this type of tax on agriculture in 1863.

24 - Lincoln was watching Our American ___________ when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

26 - Who led a group of partisan rangers (guerillas) which was disbanded eight days after the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia?








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