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New Year's Resolution: Learn More about Civil War 1862

Expand Your Knowledge this Sesquicentennial

1862-2012 | Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War

2012 will mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War's second year: 1862.  That year ushered in the bloodiest fighting America had ever seen.  As compared to the fighting of 1861, battles like Shiloh, Gaines' Mill, Second Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Stones River shattered thoughts of a short war with modest sacrifices.  1862 also saw the rise of new central figures on both sides.  Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, and George McClellan all rose to national and international attention in 1862.  To expand your knowledge of the American Civil War why not make a resolution to learn more about this pivotal year?  Check out our list below for a range of 1862 subjects and topics to pursue in this coming year.

The recommended books lists connect to our Civil War Trust - online bookstore where you can order books at competitive prices.  The Trust will also receive a modest payment for each book purchased via this store.   Our battlefield pages are filled with history articles, photos, maps, and other helpful links.

2012 Civil War SesquicentennialFort Donelson

The battle where Grant earned his "Unconditional Surrender" nickname. 
Recommended Books
Fort Donelson Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe Civil War in the Far West

Confederate and Federal forces fight for control of the western territories 

Glorieta Pass:  Recommended Books | Glorieta Pass Page
Picacho Peak:  Picacho Peak Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe Battle of Shiloh

At its time, the bloodiest battle in American history.  Johnston's surprise attack vs. Grant's determined resolve in Tennessee.
Recommended Books
| Shiloh Page

Learn More about the Mississippi Battles that Followed Shiloh:  Corinth Page | Iuka Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialJackson's 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Jackson's outnumbered forces dazzle and defeat the Union armies in the Shenandoah.
Recommended Books
Port Republic Page  |  Cross Keys Page McDowell Page  | Kernstown Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe First Ironclad vs. Ironclad Naval Battle

Learn more about the historic battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia
Recommended Books
| Battle of Hampton Roads Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe Peninsula and Seven Day's Battles

McClellan's great invasion is turned back at the outskirts of Richmond by a new dynamic Confederate leader - Robert E. Lee.
Recommended Books on the Peninsula and Seven Days

Williamsburg: Williamsburg Page
Yorktown:  Yorktown Page
Seven Pines: Seven Pines Page
Beaver Dam Creek: Beaver Dam Creek Page
Gaines' Mill:  Gaines' Mill Page
Glendale:  Glendale Page
Malvern Hill:  Malvern Hill Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialRobert E. Lee's Northern Virginia Campaign

Lee and Jackson move north and gain victories at Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, and Chantilly. 

Cedar Mountain:  Recommended Book | Cedar Mountain Page
Second Manassas:  Recommended Books | Second Manassas Page | Historian Videos | Quiz
Chantilly:  Recommended Book | Chantilly Page | Chantilly Animated Map


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe 1862 Maryland Campaign

Lee's Confederates cross the Potomac and engage in a dynamic campaign that almost ends in disaster at Antietam for the Army of Northern Virginia. 

South Mountain:  Recommended Books | South Mountain Page
Harpers Ferry:  Recommended Books | Harpers Ferry Page
Antietam:  Recommended Books | Antietam Page
Shepherdstown:  Recommended Book | Shepherdstown Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialBragg's 1862 Kentucky Campaign

Confederate forces push into Kentucky in a failed attempt to secure the Bluegrass State for the Confederacy
Recommended Book on the 1862 Kentucky Campaign

Richmond:    Richmond Page
Munfordville:  Munfordville Page
Perryville:  Recommended Books | Perryville Page


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe Battle of Fredericksburg

Ambrose Burnside's December offensive goes horribly wrong in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Recommended Books
| Fredericksburg Page | Animated Map


2012 Civil War SesquicentennialThe Battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro)

1862 ends with a bloody battle for control of central Tennessee.
Recommended Books
| Stones River Page

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