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Emergency at Stones River

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The Federals were in dire straits on the morning of New Year's Eve 1862. After a violent surprise attack shattered their right flank at Stones River, blue-clad reinforcements rushed to the imperiled sector to make a stand. Confederate veterans, clad in all manner of clothing, were battling fiercely for access to the Nashville Pike, the Union army's main supply line. Only the speed and determination of the Yankees prevented the valiant Confederates from achieving a catastrophic breakthrough. 

If we act quickly, the Civil War Trust has the chance to save a small but key parcel at Stones River in Tennessee. This 1/8 of an acre - located within the boundary of the National Park - figured prominently during the fighting along the Nashville Pike, where Union troops staved off their Confederate attackers. With this land up for auction, we hope that you, like those brave soldiers 150 years ago, will join us to save this imperiled piece of hallowed ground! 


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