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The Civil War’s Western Theater is full of tales of daring and unsurpassed bravery. At Shiloh, Union and Confederate forces bludgeoned one another in the thickets of Tennessee in the war’s bloodiest battle up to that point. At Stones River, Confederate troops launched a successful surprise attack against the Yankees, only to have victory snatched away from them at the last moment. Some of those same Yankees scaled the slopes of Rocky Face Ridge amidst galling fire in the opening moves of the Atlanta Campaign. And at Bentonville, the exhausted Confederates launched a desperate attack against Sherman’s Yankees, but were forced back in the dramatic climax of the Carolinas Campaign.

The Civil War Trust now has the incredible opportunity to save 503 acres of hallowed ground at four major Western Theater battlefields: Shiloh, Stones River, Rocky Face Ridge, and Bentonville. Each of these properties is located at the heart of the battlefield, and is adjacent to previously preserved lands. These battlefields span nearly the entire conflict—from April 1862 to March 1865—where nearly 54,000 Americans became casualties. This project gives you the opportunity to save four key chapters in the story of our Civil War so that future generations will remember the importance of the Western Theater.

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