Save Shiloh 150th Anniversary

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491 Acres for the 150th

With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh before us, you and I have an once-in-a-lifetime chance to save 491 acres of battlefield at Shiloh.  This rugged swath of land is one of the last and largest areas of major combat action that remains to be saved at this historically important battlefield. 

This land saw crucial fighting in the opening hours of the Battle of Shiloh, on April 6, 1862, as Confederates from Mississippi and Tennessee, attempting to flank the end of the Union left, slammed into troops of the 54th Ohio and 55th Illinois regiments, who stubbornly held the high ground.

The purchase price to save this wonderful, absolutely crucial piece of our country's history?  $1.25 million. Fortunately, a government grant of $1 million is available to put into the transaction, leaving us to raise the final $250,000. Again, that turns every $1 you donate for this effort today into $5.00 -- a 500 percent return on your preservation dollar!  


491 Acres Targeted
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