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Reclaiming Manassas

On the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Second Manassas, we have the opportunity to reclaim 3 lost acres of this 1862 battlefield.

Late on the afternoon of August 30, 1862, men from John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade, which included the 18th Georgia and Hampton's Legion, marched over this ground as they began their fateful attack on John Pope's lightly defended left flank.  Just beyond our target tract, the Texans, Georgians, and South Carolinians engaged the 5th and 10th New York regiments who were attempting to hold back the Confederate avalanche.  In just 10 minutes of violent combat, more than 500 New Yorkers were killed or wounded.

Now we have the chance to reclaim key battlefield acres associated with this famous and bloody attack.  Join us in our efforts to save this hallowed ground.


3 Acres Targeted
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