Photo Gallery: Longstreet's Advance Tract

Battle of Second Manassas

In August 2012, on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Second Manassas, the Civil War Trust announced a new campaign to save and reclaim 3 acres of this historic battlefield.  The photos below are related to that tract and the surrounding landscape.

3 Acre Tract at Second Manassas
Our three acre target tract is shown in yellow.  From here you can see how this important tract is situated on the battlefield.  The New York Monuments are just 200 yards away and Chinn Ridge is 1,000 yards to the east.  (Image: Google Earth)

Satellite View of the 3 Acre Wotring Tract
You can see from this detailed view that this sub-division includes around 25 homes, some with swimming pools.  Our 3-acre target tract is located next to the National Park boundary and will help us to re-establish a path that the Texas Brigade followed towards their encounter with the 5th and 10th New York at Second Manassas.  (Image: Google Earth)

House on Second Manassas
This sub-division includes homes just like this one.  (Photo: Rob Shenk)

Street Signs Longstreet's Advance
A street sign from the sub-division where our 3-acre target tract is located.  In 1862, Longstreet's Confederates crashed into Warren's small brigade nearby.  Even in street sign form the two opposing forces are perpendicular to one another.  (Photo: Rob Shenk)

Hazlett's Battery at Second Manassas
Warren's two New York regiments were first ordered to protect Hazlett's battery that was on a ridge overlooking the Warrenton Turnpike and the Groveton crossroads.  This photo was taken from that position - just 550 yards north of our target tract.  (Photo: Rob Shenk)

10th New York Monument at Second Manassas
Here's an old photo of the 10th New York monument on the Manassas battlefield.  This monument is just 200 yards away from our target tract.  (Photo: Manassas National Battlefield Park)

10th New York Monument
Photo of the 10th New York monument at Second Manassas today.  (Photo: Rob Shenk)

5th New York Monument
Photo of the 5th New York monument at Second Manassas.  Like the 10th New York monument nearby, this monument is just two hundred yards from our target tract.  In just 10 minutes of terrifying combat, the men of Duryee's Zouaves lost 332 men out of 525 engaged.  (Photo: Rob Shenk)

Detail of the 5th New York Monument
Detailed view of the base of the 5th New York monument - commemorating the great sacrifice of this proud regiment at Second Manassas. (Photo: Rob Shenk)

Join us as we work to save and reclaim the 3-acre tract at Second Manassas.  Over this ground that we seek to save came the hardened veterans of Hood's Texas Brigade.   Learn more about how you can help

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