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A 44-Acre Hole to Fill

The fighting was so bloody at the "Deep Cut" that some men believed they were in the "vortex of hell." Five-thousand Federal soldiers under the command of Fitz John Porter assaulted Stonewall Jackson's Confederate lines arrayed along an unfinished railroad bed.  With artillery shells and bullets filling the hot air above, the intrepid Union soldiers who made it to the cut found themselves pinned against its slopes, finding no way to advance or retreat.  With Porter's assault repulsed, the initiative now swung to the Army of Northern Virginia.  James Longstreet and his veteran corps, poised on the Federal left flank, unleashed one of the largest and most devastating attacks of the entire Civil War.

Today we have the chance to save 44 acres of this Deep Cut battlefield at Second Manassas - one of the largest remaining unprotected expanses of land at Manassas.  Our efforts here will help to close a major, unprotected hole within the Manassas National Battlefield Park.

Every dollar donated to this important preservation effort will be matched $11.25 to $1 - a fantastic match that will help us to save this critical 44-acres of hallowed ground.


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