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Maps of Second Manassas, Virginia (1862)
Video Key: Longstreet's Flank Attack Videos


In this 14-part video series, historian and author Scott Patchan discusses the August 30, 1862 Confederate attack on the Union left flank at the Battle of Second Manassas — one of the largest and most successful assaults of the American Civil War.  This map shows the locations of the each of the videos describing the assault.  To see all the Longstreet's attack videos, click here »

Longstreet Thumb
1. Prelude

2. Morning of Delusion

3. The Confederate Plan

4. Hazlett and Hood

5. The Zouaves

6. The Union Response

7. Sykes and Wilcox

8. Dogan's Ridge

9. Chinn Ridge - Part 1

10. Chinn Ridge - Part 2

11. Chinn Ridge - Conclusion

12. Bald Hill

13. Last Stand at Henry Hill

14. Conclusion

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