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"Boys, give them rocks"

The fighting at the Deep Cut had grown desperate. Thousands of Union soldiers, who had passed through a maelstrom of shot and shell, lay just yards from Confederate units inside a deep railroad cut.  Many of the opposing units were so close that their battle flags would overlap and touch.

The Civil War Trust is proud to announce a new and rare opportunity to save battlefield ground at Manassas. Of the two parcels in this transaction, the larger 9-acre property is where Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter's men emerged from the woods and were met with a storm of shot and shell as they made their way to Stonewall Jackson's forces in the Deep Cut.

The time to strike is now.  We’ve got to raise $57,000 immediately to match the other sources and pay for the properties today, holding the 10 acres in trust with the expectation that we can sell them to the Park in 2011 or 2012.


10 Acres Targeted
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