Rocky Face Ridge

In Their Own Words


Sam Watkins, 1st Tennessee

"We form line of battle on top of Rocky Face Ridge, and here we are face to face with the enemy. Why don't you unbottle your thunderbolts and dash us to pieces? Ha! here it comes; the boom of cannon and the bursting of a shell in our midst. Ha! ha! give us another blizzard! Boom! boom! That's all right, you ain't hurting nothing."


David H. Moore, 125th Ohio

"I will give you briefly the story of the Rebel lead which, after having passed downward through the face of one of my soldiers, and bearing with it the marks of his teeth, brought up on my hip."


Andrew M. Sea, Sea's Battery

"Just think of it!  'Fight them to the muzzle of the guns' simply meant to die or be captured in your tracks; sacrifice yourselves and guns to gain a little time, and that, too, absolutely without support.  Why the order fairly took my breath.  I was not one of those men who never felt the sensation of fear."


Frank S. Roberts, 2nd Georgia

"Many were the nights we sang these songs and many others, and hundreds of the boys from the adjoining camps came over to hear us sing.  And now that is only a sweet memory."

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