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Atlanta Campaign 1864 

With 110,000 Union troops under William T. Sherman arrayed against him, General Joseph E. Johnston concentrated his 60,000-man army into fish-hook-shaped line on the hills north of the town of Resaca.  For two days, Sherman hurled his troops against fortified positions, resulting in a bloody stalemate that foreshadowed the rest of the 1864 Atlanta Campaign that followed.

The Civil War Trust has a tremendous opportunity to save 538 acres at Resaca and Dallas, two crucial engagements of the Atlanta Campaign.  This land represents not only a major preservation achievement in the state of Georgia, but it is also a milestone for the Trust as an organization: with this acquisition, we will have saved over 30,000 acres of hallowed ground. With your help we reach this new preservation landmark.  


538 Acres Targeted
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