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Raymond Battlefield

The Battle of Raymond
May 12, 1863

Ordered by Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton, Confederate commander at Vicksburg, Brig. Gen. John Gregg led his force from Port Hudson, Louisiana, to Jackson, Mississippi, and out to Raymond to intercept approaching Union troops. Before dawn on May 12, Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson had his XVII Army Corps on the march, and by 10:00 am they were about three miles from Raymond. Gregg decided to dispute the crossing of Fourteen Mile Creek and arrayed his men and artillery accordingly. As the Yankees approached, the Rebels opened fire, initially causing heavy casualties. Some Union troops broke, but Maj. Gen. John A. Logan rallied a force to hold the line. Confederate troops attacked the line but had to retire. More Yankees arrived and the Union force counterattacked. Heavy fighting ensued that continued for six hours, but the overwhelming Union force prevailed. Gregg’s men left the field. Although Gregg’s men lost the battle, they had held up a much superior Union force for a day.


106 Acres Saved


Most Endangered

Battle Facts


  • Grant's Operations against Vicksburg

Battles In This Campaign



  • May 12, 1863

Union Commander

Confederate Commander

Forces Engaged

  • 12,000 Union Union Flag
  • 4,100 Confederate Confederate Flag

Estimated Casualties

  • 442 UnionUnion Flag
  • 569 ConfederateConfederate Flag


  • Union Victory Union Flag

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