The Squire Bottom House

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A Solid Line of Dead and Wounded

Confederate soldiers from Brig. Gens. Bushrod Johnson, Daniel Adams and Patrick Cleburne's brigades crossed the Doctor's Creek, climbed the steep banks, and had smashed into the unsuspecting Union soldiers at this critical part of the battlefield.  A Louisianian described the fighting on this tract as "the grandest but the most awful sight, ever looked upon....the enemy stood firm..." Despite surprising the Federal forces holding the line near the Squire Henry Bottom house, the fighting had quickly devolved to a bloody, stand-up fight.  "All along our front, a solid line of dead and wounded lay, in some places three deep, extending to the right from the barn." 

Now we have the chance to save 141 acres of the Perryville battlefield - the very ground where Johnson, Adams, and Cleburne's men met determined defenders from Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  Join us as we work to save this important, unprotected section of the Perryville battlefield.


141 Acres Targeted
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