Robert E. Lee

Was he the greatest military commander of the Civil War or a deeply flawed leader? Was he the military genius of Chancellorsville and Second Manassas or the architect of defeat at Gettysburg and Petersburg? Patriot or Traitor?

Without a doubt, Robert E. Lee is a towering figure of the American Civil War and his role and impact is as hotly debated today as it was almost 150 years ago. Learn more about Lee, his generalship, and the many great Civil War battles where he trod. See More Lee Resources »

Saving Lee's Battlefields

  • The Civil War Trust
    is proud to have saved thousands
    of acres of battlefield land where Lee boldly led his Army of
    Northern Virginia into battle.
    And in such hallowed places
    as Fredericksburg and
    Manassas our campaign
    to save Lee's battlefields is not
    yet complete.
  • Help Save A Battlefield »

Lee's Greatest Battles

June 27, 1862
333 Acres Saved
June 30, 1862
679 Acres Saved
July 1, 1862
953 Acres Saved
Aug. 28–30, 1862
198 Acres Saved
Sept. 17, 1862
314 Acres Saved
Dec. 13, 1862
274 Acres Saved
May 1–3, 1863
493 Acres Saved
July 1–3, 1863
973 Acres Saved
May 5–7, 1864
259 Acres Saved
May 8–21, 1864
5 Acres Saved
June 3, 1864
17 Acres Saved
June 1864–
March 1865
530 Acres Saved

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