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Zero to Saved in 2 Years

On July 26, 1864, Ulysses S. Grant ordered Phil Sheridan's cavalry and Winfield S. Hancock's veteran II Corps to move above the James River and threaten the Confederate capitol of Richmond.  Grant hoped to pull as many of Robert E. Lee's precious troops away from a section of the Petersburg trenches where he intended to blow up a powerful mine underneath those lines. As such the Battle of First Deep Bottom and the Battle of the Crater are inextricably linked in history.

Two years ago, not one acre of the First Deep Bottom battlefield was saved. All was exposed to fast moving development. Today, we have the chance to save nearly the entire battlefield.  As an added bonus this land is also closely associated with the 1862 Battle of Glendale.

Join us as we seek to put the First Deep Bottom battlefield into the saved column once and for all.

Let's save First Deep Bottom.  Let's make history.


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