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Maps of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1863)
Gettysburg - Fight for Barlow's Knoll - July 1, 1863 2:45-4:30PM


Battle of Gettysburg
11th Corps on Barlow's Knoll - July 1, 1863
July 1, 1863

On morning of July 1, 1863, Confederates of Gen. A. P. Hill's corps of the Army of Northern Virginia encountered Yankee cavalry just west of Gettysburg.  Pressing their attack, the Southerners ran headlong into the veteran troops of the Union 1st Corps, the lead element of the Army of the Potomac.  As the battle raged on McPherson's Ridge, another Confederate corps under Richard Ewell arrived from the north threatening the Union right flank.  In an effort to seize high ground in the immediate vicinity, Gen. Francis C. Barlow advanced his division of the 11th Corps to a knoll along the Harrisburg Road. The Federals, however, were spread too thin and their right flank was in the air.  They were no match for the surging Confederates.  Brigades under John B. Gordon and George Doles converged on Barlow's exposed position and, after a brief fight, routed the Yankees, seized the knoll and severely damaged the Federal right.  The Yankees made a few vain attempts to counter the Confederate onslaught but with little success.   With Southern forces now in possession of the high ground most Union troops beat a hasty retreat through or around Gettysburg to the heights south of the town. 

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