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Twilight spread over the Gettysburg battlefield on July 2, 1863, but the fighting was far from over. At 7:30pm, Gen. Harry T. Hays' Louisiana Tigers and Col. Isaac Avery’s North Carolinians charged the Federal position at the base of East Cemetery Hill, plowing through the thinly stretched line of the 25th and 75th Ohio. The Ohioans fell back and a fierce hand-to-hand struggle ensued amidst the Federal artillery on the crest. Whoever controlled the crest, controlled the battlefield. Union reinforcements arrived first and secured the crest of Cemetery Hill once and for all.

For the second time during the battle's 150th anniversary year, the Civil War Trust has the chance to preserve land at Gettysburg. These 12 acres include the site of the struggle between the Louisiana Tigers and 25th and 75th Ohio on Cemetery Hill. Help save this key piece of American heritage!


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