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Save Gaines' Mill 2012 Header

"$3,050,000 Down, $150,000 to Go!"

Late last year, we announced a new $3.2m campaign to save 285 acres of the Gaines' Mill battlefield.  This magnificent and historic tract would more than quadruple the amount of battlefield land saved at Gaines' Mill. The good news is that we have now raised almost $3m to pay for this tract. 

Now we are still far from done.  We still need to raise another $150,000 to reach our goal by the deadline of September 4th.  We need your help to push this tract into the saved column.

Gaines' Mill included the largest charge of the American Civil War and proved to be Robert E. Lee's first battlefield victory.  Let's make sure this threatened land becomes a protected battlefield that we and future generations will be able to visit.


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