Save Gaines' Mill and Cold Harbor

Two Historic Charges, Two Great Battlefields


The Civil War Trust is excited to announce a new campaign to save three important pieces of ground associated with two of the most historic and bloody charges of the Civil War.

At the Gaines' Mill battlefield we are saving a 1.8 tract of land - at the very heart of the battlefield.  It was across this ground that soldiers from A.P. Hill's, Roberdeau Wheat's, Richard Ewell's, and John Bell Hood's units splashed across Boatswain's Creek and up the steep, wooded slopes to the Union positions above.

There are also two pieces of the storied Cold Harbor battlefield that we are working to preserve.  The first is 5.5 acres portion of both Totopotomoy Creek and Cold Harbor.  Here the Union Fifth Corps dug in opposite Robert Rodes' Confederates.  Their trenches are still visible on the property today.

The other is a 0.6 acre section of the Cold Harbor battlefield - where the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery made its fateful charge on June 1st into the heavily entrenched Confederate lines.  The 2nd Connecticut lost 313 men out of 1,500 in this brave but doomed assault.

Now you have the chance to save the very ground where these soldiers, both North and South, made their desperate charges.  Join us in saving more of the Gaines' Mill and Cold Harbor battlefields.


8 Acres Targeted
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