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* Fundraising Has Ended *


Many of you know of our continued focus on saving and reclaiming the Franklin Battlefield.  In 2005, Jim Lighthizer, Ed Bearss, and other preservationists knocked down the infamous Pizza Hut and reclaimed that once-lost battlefield land.  Other recent preservation campaigns have clawed back other key tracts all around the bloody breakthrough region of the Franklin Battlefield. 

Back in November we announced that we needed to raise $339,000 to reclaim the "strip center" tract at Franklin—ground that was covered with Confederate dead and wounded in 1864 but today sports a Domino's Pizza and a small market selling cheap beer.  Well, thanks to the generosity of our members, we are now only $49,000 away from this goal!  

With one more push—one more charge—we can place this once-lost part of the Franklin battlefield into the saved column.  Help us save Franklin.


1.5 Acres Targeted
Funds Raised

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