Victory at Franklin

The Trust Reaches its Fundraising Goal for "Walthall's Advance" Property

In September of this year, the Civil War Trust announced a new campaign with the Save the Franklin Battlefield Trust to save 5 acres of the Franklin Battlefield. This field, one of the last undisturbed portions of the battlefield, witnessed some of the most harrowing action of the Civil War. Coming under fire from entrenched Union troops just 750 yards to their front, many of the Confederates who stepped onto this field surely took their last breath here.

Now, on the 147th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, I am proud to announce that, thanks to your generosity, we have reached our fundraising goal for this tract. Thanks to you, this section of the battlefield will now be preserved for all the future generations to come.

With Gratitude,

Jim Lighthizer
Civil War Trust

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If you'd like to learn more, you can check out photos of the tract, a battle map of the target tract, a article on the victory, or an animated map of Franklin made for a previous campaign at the battlefield.

Let's Save More: 285 Acres at Gaines' Mill

We have the opportunity to save 285 acres of the Gaines' Mill battlefield -- the very ground that James Longstreet's men charged through on June 27, 1862 in their bloody assault. Victory here will increase the preserved land at Gaines' Mill by 400%!

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One More Push! 141 Acres at Perryville

We are so close to reaching our fundraising goal for 141 prime battlefield acres on the Perryville Battlefield. Help us reach our $181,250 goal which in turn will allow us to save land around the Squire Bottom House.

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