Fort Fisher Battlefield

The Second Battle of Fort Fisher
January 13-15, 1865

After the failure of his December expedition against Fort Fisher, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler was relieved of command.  Maj. Gen. Alfred Terry was placed in command of a “Provisional Corps,” including Paine's Division of U.S. Colored Troops, and supported by a naval force of nearly 60 vessels, to renew operations against the fort. After a preliminary bombardment directed by Rear Adm. David D. Porter on January 13, Union forces landed and prepared an attack on Maj. Gen. Robert Hoke's infantry line. On the 15th, a select force moved on the fort from the rear. A valiant attack late in the afternoon, following the bloody repulse of a naval landing party carried the parapet. The Confederate garrison surrendered, opening the way for a Federal thrust against Wilmington, the South's last open seaport on the Atlantic coast.


Most Endangered

Battle Facts



  • January 13 - 15, 1865

Union Commander

Confederate Commander

Forces Engaged

  • 9,632 Union Union Flag
  • 1,900 Confederate Confederate Flag

Estimated Casualties

  • 1,341 UnionUnion Flag
  • 583 ConfederateConfederate Flag


  • Union Victory Union Flag

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