Save Appomattox Station

Save 46 Acres of Appomattox Station


Why did Lee surrender the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse?  Well much of the reason is that the Battle of Appomattox Station made his surrender a near necessity.

George Custer and his rampaging division of Union cavalry had already raced ahead and captured three whole trains worth of Lee's precious supplies.  Later in the day, Custer's troopers would attack Lee's Third Corps artillery under the command of R. Lindsay Walker at the Battle of Appomattox Station.  Custer's forces would attack through the night and capture 30 artillery pieces, almost 200 wagons, and 1,000 ragged prisoners.  Robert E. Lee would seek to surrender his hungry and harried army the next day.

Now we have the chance to save this important 1865 battlefield.  With a remarkable $115 to $1 match, we can save this 46 acres for just $15,000!


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