CWPT Announces Victory at Appomattox Station

47 Acres of this 1865 Battlefield Added to the Saved Column

January 13, 2010

We would like to share some great news with you today. CWPT would like to announce that we have met our fundraising goal for the 47 acres section of the Appomattox Station battlefield.

As most of you already know this new acquisition is important on three levels:

1.  Appomattox Station is a historically significant battlefield. The events on this ground on April 8, 1865 led directly to Robert E. Lee's decision to surrender his army the next day.

2.  That we are saving 47 acres at the heart of this battlefield. In one fell swoop we have now saved almost all of the ground of this battlefield that can still be saved.

3.  That we will be helping the Town of Appomattox and Appomattox County expand their heritage tourism opportunities.

Will Simmons, Director of Tourism for the Town of Appomattox stated that "[p]reserving the Appomattox Station battlefield site is an important step in telling the complete story of the final days of the Civil War in Virginia. This historic site links both the historic downtown Railroad Depot with the preserved village of Appomattox Court House and will enhance future visitor's experience in learning about this significant chapter of American history."

Of course none of this would have happened without your direct and generous support. Thanks to you we have now put another 46 acres of hallowed ground into the Saved Column.

With Gratitude,


Jim Lighthizer
Civil War Preservation Trust


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