Old Photos and Preserved Land Near the Dunker Church, Antietam


This collection of photos shows the significance of the vitally important 9-acre "Dunker Church" track — shown in yellow in the map — at the Antietam battlefield that the Civil War Trust is now working to preserve, as part of the campaign to save 84 acres of the Maryland Campaign.

View A

Three days after the Battle of Antietam, Alexander Gardner recorded several photos of dead soldiers and horses near the Dunker Church (view A).

View B

He also turned his camera southwestward and recorded another (view B) that looks directly at the land which, 154 years later, the Civil War Trust wants to preserve. The rail fence in views A and B marks the original Hagerstown Pike.

View C

View B also looks toward the Reel Farm (the burned barn of which is visible in view C), which came under the Trust’s purview in the 1990s.

View D

View D was taken in 1971 from the visitor center roof looking directly toward the land we are trying to preserve and demonstrates how marred the visual landscape is due to these structures.

View E

To the left of the house is a small marker which memorializes the historic features nearby and is also shown in view E.

In short, this tract sits amidst significant historic resources and viewsheds and must be added to the preserved acreage that the Civil War Trust has worked so long to save. Learn more about this effort and help save the "Dunker Church" track »

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