Antietam Campaign: Save 318 acres at 4 Battlefields

A Message from Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

Dear Friend,

Jim LIghthizer Will you step back in time with me, to September 1862, as the American Civil War moved into Maryland?

Will you follow in the footsteps of Lee and McClellan, Meade and Longstreet, Jackson and Burnside, A.P. Hill and Joe Hooker, and all of those soldiers in Blue and Gray as they embarked on one of the most significant military campaigns in history, the Antietam Campaign, fighting four major battles over the course of eight eventful days?

Will you join with me in honoring the 41,000+ casualties of this campaign, including those who fell on the bloodiest day in American history at the Battle of Antietam?

And will you do all of this by helping the Civil War Trust urgently save a tremendous 318 combined acres at Harpers Ferry, South Mountain, Antietam and Shepherdstown… with an $11-to-$1 match of your donation dollar today?

I really hope you just answered “yes” to all of these questions, because this opportunity is one for the history books. I don’t recall that we have ever had the chance to save land in every battle of a major campaign in one fell swoop.

These 318 acres have a value of a whopping $2,190,000… but through a combination of state and federal matching grants, a very generous anonymous donor, as well as some crucial funding from the National Park Service, you and I can save this land for $197,500!

That’s a multiplication factor of $11-to-$1 for any donation you can make between now and the end of the year. Nearly $2.2 million worth of hallowed ground, saved for a little less than $200,000… it doesn’t get much better than that.

Knowing how busy you are, I assume you will forgive me for only writing you a very short letter today, but I am including two detailed reports that I think will be of interest to you. The first is a “Transaction Fact Sheet” which gives you all of the crucial details about the historic opportunity to save crucial hallowed ground and four Antietam Campaign battlefields.

The second report is a listing of all the battlefield land that you have helped to save so far in 2013. I wanted to report back to you on the progress we have made this year, thanks to your generous support. So far, you and I have protected nearly 700 acres of hallowed ground as a permanent gift to the nation and all future generations. As always, the final quarter is always the busiest of the year, and it would not surprise me one bit to see this number double, or even triple, before December 31.

And I’ve got to say, if we can save these 318 acres of crucial and threatened Antietam Campaign land, that will be a huge boost, especially when we can do it at $11-to-$1.

As you look over the Transaction Fact Sheet, I hope you’ll agree that this is an opportunity that is just too important to pass up, and I hope you will help protect this land forever with your generous donation today.

You can do the math. We’ve already got $1,992,500 of the $2,190,000 on the table. All that remains is for the Civil War Trust to raise the final $197,500, and the deals are done. (We can’t let this opportunity go to waste, can we?)

That works out to just $621 per acre that we have to put into this to save key parcels at Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown, and two much larger and very significant tracts at South Mountain and Antietam (and it’s not too often that we get a chance to save a big piece of Hallowed Ground at Antietam!)

If possible, will you consider making your commitment of $38 (1/16 of an acre), $62 (1/10 of an acre), $124 (1/5 of an acre), $155 (1/4 of an acre) or even $310.50 for a half-acre?

Perhaps you can help cover a full acre at $621, two acres at $1,242 or even four at $2,484. Whatever your commitment, please know that you have my deepest thanks for your on-going dedication to this sacred cause.

Come along with me on this Civil War Trust “2013 Antietam Campaign.” You are the reason why we have been able to save nearly 37,000 acres of priceless hallowed ground, my friend; I appreciate everything you have done for our nation’s battlefields.

Please join me in taking advantage of this historic $11-to-$1 match, and help save another 318 acres of the most important Civil War ground anywhere before the end of the year.

Please let me hear back from you as soon as possible, and please accept my deepest thanks for your generosity.

Awaiting your reply,

Jim Lighthizer

P.S. Believe me, I realize how much you have done to help preserve our nation’s battlefields already. I am constantly humbled by your generous commitment to the Civil War Trust and to our cause of saving America’s history. I truly don’t mean to barrage you with mail; I just feel it is my duty to keep you informed of the many projects we are working on, and give you the opportunity to support those that interest you the most. Any amount that you can send today is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.  

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