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A Historic Opportunity

Fresh after his victory at Second Manassas, Gen. Robert E. Lee invaded the North, moving his Army of Northern Virginia into Maryland while Gen. George McClellan threw his massive Army of the Potomac in Lee’s path.  Over the course of eight days, the armies met four times, coming together fatefully in the small town of Sharpsburg along Antietam Creek in a battle that will be forever remembered as the bloodiest day in American history.  By the time Lee’s army retreated back into Virginia, more than 41,000 men had fallen.

For the first time, the Civil War Trust has the opportunity to save significant pieces of land at each of the four battlefields of the Antietam Campaign: South Mountain, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, and Shepherdstown.  These 318 acres complete the story of the Maryland Campaign, and with help, the Civil War Trust can forever preserve the memory of one pivotal campaign that helped determine the course of the Civil War.

Join us in preserving the memory of the Maryland Campaign.


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