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The Civil War Trust is consistently recognized for its effectiveness, efficiency, and sound fiscal management by the leading national charity-rating organizations. Please click the links below to learn more.



Many of our members and donors have been kind in their words about giving to the Civil War Trust. Below are just a few of them:

"I’ve been a member of the Civil War Trust since the late 80s, and have continued my membership and donations through today. The Civil War Trust is in my mind the gold standard for private historical preservation. The staff is first rate and works diligently to make sure that the maximum amount of donations/dues etc. are being channeled to the acquisition of historical sites. They are superb in leveraging dollars with matching programs. They are an invaluable resource for state and local preservation groups. They work very well with anybody in the preservation business. I cannot recommend the CWT enough."

Stewart Rariden

"The Civil War Trust, which my wife and I have enthusiastically supported for more than a decade, remains our best example of a superior nonprofit organization. With remarkable operational efficiency and a focused mission ("we buy dirt"), it has transformed hundreds of battlefields and their continued future operation."

Eugene Adcock

"The Civil War Trust probably has the best "business model" I have ever seen. This organization has managed to expand and multiply every dollar they have received into anywhere from 3 to 100x more to help buy land to preserve the physical locations that represent some of the most significant and cataclysmic events in our nation's history. Few organizations in history have accomplished what the Civil War Trust has done. Even fewer have done so much with the limited resources available. I am very proud to donate and be a part of this nonprofit agency."

Richard E. Whitaker

"As a former board member of a predecessor organization to the Civil War Trust and a member and donor for almost 20 years (as well as a professional that works with the management and boards of many not-for-profit entities), I can say without say reservation that the Trust operates in a completely straightforward and transparent fashion. It fund-raises and pursues its objectives with equal measures or professionalism and stridency--and always stays true to its mission in the process!"

Gregory M. LiCalzi

"I cannot begin to express my level of satisfaction with the Civil War Trust. Where else can I give money to an organization and know that nearly every penny will go towards the goal, battlefield preservation? Where else, as a donor and member, do I feel like I am the one honored to be a part of group of such fantastic people? I give to as many Civil War Trust campaigns as I can afford, and give knowing that my donation has an impact, has a true purpose. I only hope they can continue to be such a land preservation force for decades to come."

Darryl R. Smith

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