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On January 11, 2011, we will be changing our name to the Civil War Trust. We will also be adopting a new organizational logo. Learn more about this change below.

Video: Why make a change now?

President Jim Lighthizer and Chairman John Nau share their thoughts on why a name and logo change makes sense now:

Jim LighthizerPresident Jim Lighthizer shares the reasoning behind the logo change »


John Nau Chairman John Nau shares his thoughts on the logo change »

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the name?

Despite the numerous successes this organization has enjoyed over the years, we’ve found that our name remains relatively unknown, even among many self-described Civil War buffs.  This lack of recognition was compounded by the unwieldy length of the name, which often resulted in abbreviation — and the acronym “CWPT” simply did not tell you who we are or what we do.  Instead, the Civil War Trust far better conveys that this organization is the world leader in protecting these historic landscapes and promoting their appreciation through education programs on-site, online and in the classroom.

Why did you change your logo?

Although there were aspects of our previous logo that served us well, the graphic didn’t convey the organization’s central mission — protecting hallowed ground.  It is common practice in the corporate world to regularly update and improve logos.  And after more than two decades in use, we felt it was time for us to explore the possibility of adopting a logo that better made that tangible connection.  Ultimately, we believe this will help us attract even more support, leading to even greater preservation successes in the coming years.

How does this new logo better represent the organization and its efforts?

The permanent protection of uniquely historic landscapes is the very heart of our mission, and this new logo explicitly demonstrates our connection to the hallowed ground itself and all that it represents.  Moreover, the presence of two soldiers — each holding the flag under which he fought with respect, not defiance — reminds us of the human toll of war.  It is out of respect for the memory of such brave Americans that we pursue our work.  And let’s be clear: the name of the organization is shorter, and the logo has been updated, but the core mission of the Trust remains exactly the same.

What is included in the logo besides the name and graphic?

In addition to our name and the graphic depicting two soldiers poised on the battlefield, our new logo contains the organization’s official tagline, “Saving America’s Civil War Battlefields,” and our website address,  In today’s always-connected world, websites are critically important, and ours is state of the art.  Plus, it’s the fastest and easiest way for someone recently introduced to the organization to learn about our efforts and successes.

How did you decide on the new name and logo?

For some time the staff and Board of Trustees had considered whether updating our name and logo would better serve the organization’s mission.  Earlier this year, we sought the help of a professional independent market research firm to craft a survey that would objectively measure potential responses to such changes.  Using an interactive online system, we queried thousands of our members and thousands more potential members, individuals with a proven interest in American history not yet among our roster of donors, about their reactions to a wide variety of prototype graphics.

Using the thoughtful opinions and suggestions made during that process as our guide, we decided to move forward.  For example, based on the survey, we determined that the new logo should include our tagline, since respondents preferred to how clearly and succinctly it outlines our mission.

Much care and thought went into the numerous iterations of the design that existed before the Board of Trustees settled on our final choice, which we believe conveys both our core mission and the driving passion behind it.

Why now?

This year begins the commemoration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of one of the most significant watershed events in our nation’s history.  Undoubtedly, this will bring increased public awareness of Civil War history, as well as the plight of many of its remaining sites.  Unveiling our updated name and logo at this time will best help us focus attention on historic preservation issues.  Moreover, our revamped logo captures two essential aspects of our goals for the Sesquicentennial.  We feel passionately that battlefield preservation should be an integral part of the commemoration, as it creates a meaningful and lasting legacy of the anniversary period.  Further, while there is often focus on the lasting impact of the Civil War on a grand scale, the Sesquicentennial should be a time to remember and honor the individuals who lived through that turbulent time.

Questions or thoughts regarding our new name change? Send us an e-mail at

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