Please note: this Park Day site is holding its event on an alternate date.


NameGuilford Courthouse National Military Park
City, StateGreensboro, NC


Meeting place2332 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410
Meeting time9:30 AM
Planned ActivitiesClearing Brush, Trash Removal, Trail Maintenance
Planned Low-Impact ActivitiesLitter clean up, and Japanese stilt grass pulling. This weed is incredibly easy to remove, but requires bending over.
Other ActivitiesRangers and the Centennial Volunteer Ambassador will teach invasive plant management practices to volunteers. We will remove invasive plants - Japanese stiltgrass, English Ivy, multiflora rose.
Bring tools?Volunteers are required to bring their own water bottles, and encouraged to bring gloves and safety glasses/sunglasses. Volunteers may not work without protective eye wear. Required to wear long sleeves, long pants, and boots.
Food providedYes - a meal (lunch or dinner)


NameMs. Rebecca Lowe
Preregistration Required?No
Preregistration Contact

ALTERNATE DATE (If Applicable)

Rain dateApril 28-29
Alternate dateApril 22, 2017
Please note: Volunteers are required to wear protective eye wear, gloves, sturdy long pants (not yoga pants) and long sleeves, and closed toed boots preferably work boots. Copperhead snakes will be in the park in Spring and difficult to see, it is critical that you follow our clothing requirements to prevent injury. You can bring hiking sticks or similar tools to explore area before venturing in. You must arrive at the park at 9:30 AM for orientation and Volunteer Service paperwork. You cannot perform volunteer service independently. All service must be supervised by Centennial Volunteer Ambassador.

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