NameCarnton Plantation
City, StateFranklin, TN


Meeting place1345 Carnton Lane, Franklin, TN 37064
Meeting time9 A.M.
Planned ActivitiesClean under Cedar trees along drive, rake gravel walkways, repair and straighten brick-lined garden paths, thin out grape vines, top dress ornamental beds, and weed. Collect and safely store fallen bricks from Spring House.
Planned Low-Impact Activities
Other Activities
Bring tools?Some tools and all supplies will be available. Volunteers can bring gloves and tools (if convenient) for specific activities. For example, if they're interested in weeding, bring a trowel or scuffle hoe.
Food providedYes - drinks (water, soda, sports drink)


NameJustin Stelter
Phone(615) 596-1696
Preregistration Required?No

ALTERNATE DATE (If Applicable)

Rain dateRain or Shine
Alternate date
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