Tours Offered Saturday Only


The Battle of Chickamauga in Detail, Part 2
with Dave Powell (Saturday only)

Description: A day-long bus tour that will focus on the most consequential day of the battle of Chickamauga: September 20 1863. We begin our day discussing the Confederate Army of Tennessee’s botched attack orders of that morning that left a Confederate division unsupported on the brink of victory. We then move on to examine the Union Army of the Cumberland’s own disastrous miscommunication at midday, which left a gaping hole in the Blue line for James Longstreet to exploit, and we conclude with the final fighting on Horseshoe Ridge and in Kelly Field. Saturday’s tour will involve moderate walking, over slightly hillier terrain. 


The Siege and Battles for Chattanooga in Detail, Part 2
with Jim Ogden (Saturday only)

Description: This second day of the two part/two day "Siege and Battles for Chattanooga in Detail" tour will focus on the Battle of Missionary Ridge, the final major engagement in the Campaign for Chattanooga.  We'll visit Orchard Knob and discuss its seizure on November 23rd and its subsequent use by Ulysses Grant as his primary point of observation and command post in the latter part of the Battles for Chattanooga.  From there, we will join William T. Sherman's amphibious assault across the Tennessee River and visit the landing site at the mouth of South Chickamauga Creek.  We'll then follow Sherman's advance to Missionary Ridge and examine his abortive assaults of November 24 and 25 on the ground (ground increasingly preserved and accessible thanks to the members of the Trust).  With Sherman stymied, we'll spend the rest of the day examining the Army of the Cumberland's "demonstration," and Hooker's movement, that brought Grant victory as the sun set on November 25, 1863, and sealed the fate of the Gateway to the Deep South, laying it open for Sherman's army in 1864.  This tour involves extensive walking on both hard and natural surface paths and in hilly terrain and is probably not appropriate for those with mobility issues.


The Rock: George Thomas at Chickamauga, 1863
with Brian Wills (Saturday only)

Description: Join us as we explore the ground over which Union and Confederate forces grappled with each other in the fall of 1863 following the maneuvering of the Tullahoma Campaign.  The morning will be spent covering the terrain of Chickamauga Creek, where the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Braxton Bragg turned to confront William S. Rosecrans and his Army of the Cumberland, we will follow the early encounters at Reed’s and Alexander’s bridges, northeast of Lee and Gordon’s Mill and focus on the role of General George Thomas in the developing combat that occurred over two full days of fighting on September 19-20.  Prominent in the action on the Union left after the collapse of the fight and center on the second full day of fighting, we will walk the ground at Snodgrass Hill and nearby Horseshoe Ridge where Thomas fended off repeated Southern assaults and won an enduring nickname as the “Rock of Chickamauga.”

In the aftermath of Chickamauga, Bragg advanced to Chattanooga and established lines that constricted Union supply into the city.  In the afternoon we will see the sites associated with the “siege” of the city associated with George Thomas, including a preliminary gambit against Orchard Knob on Nov. 23 that paved the way for a final dramatic assault on Nov. 25 by the Army of the Cumberland against the Confederate defenders on Missionary Ridge that drove Braxton Bragg’s forces back toward Georgia in disarray.  In addition, we will visit the Chattanooga National Cemetery, the resting place for Union dead that General Thomas had particular interest in developing and included James J. Andrews and several of his fellow “raiders” from the “Great Locomotive Chase” that had occurred a year earlier. This tour will involve minimal walking.


Tennessee Today
(Saturday only) 

Description: Coming soon...

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