Tours Offered Friday Only


The Battle of Chickamauga in Detail, Part 1
with Dave Powell (Friday only) 

Description: A day-long bus tour that will cover the first two days of the battle of Chickamauga; both the initial fighting on September 18 1863, and the full day’s horrific combat of September 19. We will explore the command decisions that led these two armies to collide in the heavily wooded bottomland along West Chickamauga Creek, develop an appreciation for how difficult fighting in this terrain could be, and discuss the unusual circumstances that set the stage for the climactic engagement on September 20. Friday’s tour will involve light to moderate walking, over level terrain. 


The Siege and Battles for Chattanooga in Detail, Part 1
with Jim Ogden (Friday only)

Descripton: This first day of the two part/two day "Siege and Battles for Chattanooga in Detail" tour will start out with a look at events associated with the Siege of Chattanooga in late September and October of 1863 when Braxton Bragg's for once victorious army seemingly had the Army of the Cumberland cooped up and withering within increasingly fortified Chattanooga.  We'll then quickly transition to the discussion of the key Union operation of Reopening the Tennessee River.  We'll visit such associated sites as Moccasin Bend and Brown's Ferry, including sites associated with the nighttime Battle of Wauhatchie.  Once we have opened the "Cracker Line," and ourselves consumed our ration of hardtack, we'll turn to Ulysses Grant's November offensive, spending the rest of Part 1/Day 1 looking at Joseph Hooker's "if practicable" Battle of Lookout Mountain, concluding, hopefully, with our own successful summitting of the mountain.  This tour involves extensive walking on mostly natural surface paths and in hilly terrain and is probably not appropriate for those with mobility issues.


Raiders and Rome
with Brian Wills (Friday only)

Description: Before the dramatic events of the fall of 1863 brought large-scale warfare to the Chattanooga area, the city was already a focal point of Union attention, with efforts to disrupt Confederate lines of communication and threaten resources planned in the earlier part of the year.  The nearby city of Rome was already developing as an important production center when Colonel Abel Streight led a raiding force to destroy facilities there and wreck railroad connections between Atlanta and Chattanooga in April and May.  His opponent in this endeavor was the formidable Confederate cavalry commander, Nathan Bedford Forrest.  We will see the aspects that made Rome, Ga., a target and visit the site at which Forrest brought the raid to an inauspicious and improbable close. This tour will involve minimal walking.


Red Clay Minuet: Sherman versus Johnston in North Georgia
with A. Wilson Greene (Friday only)

Descripton: Shelby Foote coined this apt metaphor for the maneuvers and engagements conducted by William Tecumseh Sherman and Joseph Eggleston Johnston during the first two weeks of the Atlanta Campaign.  The spring of 1864 found Sherman's Federal army group poised in southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia ready to execute General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant's orders to engage the Confederate Army of Tennessee.  That army, revitalized during the winter under Johnston's new leadership, occupied defensive positions along imposing Rocky Face Ridge, near Dalton, Georgia, protecting their line of communication back to Atlanta along the Western & Atlantic Railroad.  On May 5, Sherman ordered his troops forward, leading to a series of fights and flankings that eventually drove the Confederates off Rocky Face Ridge and south of the Oostanaula River, setting the stage for the next phase of the Atlanta Campaign.

Our tour will begin at Ringgold, Georgia, scene of the last clash of the battles for Chattanooga and the place from which Sherman launched his offensive.  We will visit the famous railroad tunnel at the appropriately named Tunnel Hill, visit historic sites at Confederate headquarters in Dalton, and tour the battlefields at Mill Creek Gap, Dug Gap, and Resaca, including the brand new state battlefield park there.  Lunch will be at the Depot Restaurant in Dalton. This tour involves extensive walking on hilly terrain and is probably not appropriate for those with mobility issues.  


Museums, Homes and Gardens
(Friday only)

Description: Coming soon...

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