Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg
(Friday and Saturday)

Historian: Kent Masterson Brown

Description: One of the most difficult military operations in warfare is the retreat of an army after a lost battle. Join Kent Masterson Brown for a tour following the roads and visiting key battle and defense sites along General Robert E. Lee’s masterful retreat from Gettysburg. From the defense lines established along Seminary Ridge on the night of July 3, the tour will follow Lee’s Army and its immense wagon and ambulance trains across the South Mountain Range to the nine-mile-long defenses outside of Williamsport. The tour will visit the sites where Lee’s army crossed the Potomac River at Williamsport and Falling Waters. You will see how Lee, in the words of Carl von Clausewitz, reestablished “equilibrium” between his army and the Army of the Potomac by this brilliant retreat.

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